Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ethics in Technology

Reflection--I feel that copyright infringement has gone a lot too far! Where do we draw the line. If a student buys a book does he own the rights to the book? When an author sell a book does he sell the rights's to that particular book? In my mind as a student when I purchase a book, it's my book. So, if I let someone use it and they copy the pages Am I at fault. If I find out they copied it, Am I suppose to report them? If an instructor discovers it, it is now their job to report the student. If my son spills juice or write on a particular page and I copy someone else page of the same book Am I breaking a law or Am I replacing a damaged page. When should a student or professor be reported? If a student or professor is purposely copying a book to sell for personal gain. If information is given online for class from a particular section of the book for class usage is it considered copyright infringement? First and foremost I feel the definition of copyright infringement needs to be clearly defined. I feel that if a person is not using a copyright for personal gain it should not be considered unlawful.